5 Things We Learnt From Skales and Wizkid Twitter War

Following the twitter drama between Skales
and Wizkid, here are 5 deductions we made
from the words they said to each other and
the whole scenario.
1. Skales and Wizkid stopped being friends a
long time ago: While most people believe the
two get along amicably, what happened
recently shows there’s been a major crack in
their working and personal relationship for
This is actually obvious when you recall that
Skales and Wizkid hardly feature on each
other’s track… Afterall Banky W is a regular
attendee on Wizkid’s albums, it’s only fair
Skales gets a nod if they are cool.
It is also obvious that their issue is personal.
2. Skales Loyalty to Wizkid has affected him
and his career: I have had a personal
encounter with the two of them before they
became a household name. During this time,
Skales acted like he was a ‘servant’ to Wizkid,
aids his career, follows him to studio sessions,
writes his songs (often), moves with him while
doing nothing to help himself. He barely
released songs too.
I can also recall that Skales was the man who
told myself and my friends to exit Samklef
studio (then), because Wizkid wanted to
record… He should be working on his own
career not following Wizkid to sessions.
It is fair to say he was acting under
instruction from Banky W as Wizkid was the
first man the label pushed back in the day.
Also, the label (EME), then, wanted Skales to
be a rapper,, purely so as to differentiate his
music and brand from Wizkid.
3. Wizkid has been waiting for this moment: It
seem like the case of let the sleeping dog lie.
Wizkid tweeted way too much about the issue,
he said too much.
If you ask me Wizkid has been waiting to say
many of the things he said like Skales begging
hoes for money, wearing fake chains, the label
wanting to drop him, not having hit songs and
many more. He seized the moment, very well
from the beef aspect… But a bad look.
4. Skales should have left EME earlier: Since
his departure from E.M.E, Skales looks like a
different man. He has released a chart topping
single for the first time in his career in Shake
Body and Je Kan Mo looks like a potential hit
if well promoted.
Most importantly he looks happy for the first
time in a long while. Perhaps his happiness
and hit song would have come earlier if he did
pull the trigger soon enough.
Wizkid also noted that EME wanted to drop
Skales long ago. “Skales!! Even when the label
wanted to drop ur ass cos u didn’t make one
naira for 3years! I was there! U a foolish guy
with zero brain!,” Wizkid on twitter. He should
have left.
5. Wizkid has a problem: Call it anger issue,
childish behavior, pride, arrogant… but
something is wrong with Wizkid.
He has had fights with many of his ‘day one’
friends with Skales the most recent. Wizkid in
the last year has had issues with J Martins,
Saeon, Samklef, Davido, EME (Banky W, Segun
Demuren e.t.c).
Samklef reacted to Wizkid’s outrage by
tweeting “…………” and “God bless us all”